Formed in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland by Tim Wheeler (vocals and guitar), Mark Hamilton (bass) and Rick McMurray (drums), Ash released their first studio album ‘1977’ and were then joined by Charlotte Hatherley (guitar) for a further 3 studio albums ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’, ‘Free All Angels’ and ‘Meltdown’. Charlotte left the band in 2006 and the band went on to record and release ‘Twilight of the Innocents’ before launching the innovative A-Z series which saw the band release a single every fortnight for a year. Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack has joined the band on stage since 2010.

Ash new album “Island” is out now. Check them out Here


Aslan are an Irish rock band emerged from the working class areas of Finglas and Ballymun in Dublin’s Northside, in the mid 1980s. Composed of Christy Dignam, Joe Jewell, Billy McGuinness, Alan Downey and Rodney O’Brien, the band has released more than six studio albums like : Feel No Shame (1988), Here Comes Lucy Jones (1997) and Waiting For This Madness To End (2001).  and

For over 30 years Aslan has lived the rock and roll dream from Ireland and all over the world and 2018 Aslan has release the new single “Now I Know” from their Feel No Shame 30th Anniversary Tour.  Read more about them Here

Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich are an Irish indie rock band from Kells, County Meath. The band originally consisted of Niamh Farrell, Ollie Murphy, Podge McNamee, Darcy and Dave McEnroe. One of the most enthralling live acts in recent times, HamsandwicH are well known for their incendiary live performances which has put them right at the top of the live acts to see today. There new album “Stories from the Surface” is out now. Check them out here